Emily + Gian / Engaged
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013
By Brant Smith
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Aunt Emma - What a wonderful group of shots, your photography skills are awesome. They are the sexist pictures I ever saw with clothes on. My Godson is so handsome and he picked a truly beautiful girl (inside and out). The love and happiness shines through on every shot. Kuddos to the photography for a job well done.
Jane Blackburn Stegall - Unbelievable photos!! My favorites are the black & white ones. Gian Marc, I didn't know you were engaged. Emily is beautiful & a very lucky girl to be your future wife !
Wanda Hibbetts - Oh my gosh, absolutely beautiful! But wouldn't expect anything less with the subjects. Emily, can't wait to see you as the Bride, what a beauty!
Emma Serra-Green - Gorgeous, the couple and the photos as well. Simply Gorgeous! What a wonderful set of photos, will be hard to decide. The photos of the big blue sky makes me feel like Grandma and Grandpa are looking down from above.
Love Aunt Emma
Silvia - stunning!!
Lindsey Sheedy - This is a beautiful session! So intimate and sensual.... almost as if they arent being photographed.
Robbie Erwin - WOW!!!!!!!!